Big Valley Marketing is a data-driven consultancy that helps technology companies improve their marketing and communications.

The firm is designed to recapture the heritage and best practices of Silicon Valley marketing, while delivering a modern “mixed marketing” approach that leverages digital, social, public relations and analytics at the core. The firm’s exclusive focus on technology companies allows us to deliver specialized capabilities and consulting depth that meets the needs of pillars, players and pioneers in the global technology market.

Unique ApproachIntegrated Model: We apply a data-driven, multi-channel, cross-discipline approach to meet the marketing and communications needs of technology leaders. Our model is built on four core areas of expertise to drive game-changing results: Market Strategy, Market Analytics, Content Marketing and Relationship Marketing.

Team of Experts: Today’s clients need experts with superior skills and understanding of tech markets, audiences and use cases, and deep daily practice in marketing fundamentals. Experts who are aggressive, proactive and know how to lead. We manage teams for depth not breadth, smartly led by experienced client partners.

Valley Native: Silicon Valley companies have their own rhythm, pace and expectations. They need agencies that understand the technology, their audiences and their use cases — in a deeper, more “native” way than most agency marketers do today. They also need tech-specialized capabilities that were cultivated or refined by the best Valley marketers: market development, category creation, competitive positioning, thought leadership, executive casting, etc.

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